Advanced Laser Restorations



Advanced Laser Restorations’ mission is to deliver the best mobile laser cleaning service in the industry by providing eco-friendly, customisable, safe, and cost-efficient cleaning solutions that harness the power of laser technology.

Cleaning with laser light is both gentle and effective as it uses a non-abrasive, non-contact method to remove harmful and unattractive deposits without chemicals, water, dust, or residues that can permanently damage historic and cultural treasures. We use precision and a delicate touch to ensure no surfaces or structures are compromised or damaged.

Biofilms cannot be removed with gentle rinsing, but can be vaporised with laser cleaning, preventing further deterioration of the surface it grew on.

Laser cleaning provides a safe and efficient way to remove the hazardous coatings from targeted areas without damage to the underlying surface. We clean only where and what you need – no prep, no chemicals, no mess.

We remove graffiti and even lead-based paints in a non-abrasive and environmentally-safe way, while restoring the underlying stone, brick, steel or plaster to it’s original state.

Laser rust removal is a cost-effective and greener alternative to manual and chemical cleaning methods, without altering the integrity of the metal itself.

Laser mould cleaning will remove contaminants from moulds without damaging surrounding machinery or equipment. We’ll remove stubborn residue instantly without producing chemicals or abrasive waste.

Easily degrease any surface quickly using nothing but the power of light.

Laser cleaning technology can quickly and precisely clean a fire damaged surface without chemicals or abrasives, leaving the underlying surface intact and soot-free.


Laser cleaning is the process of removing unwanted material from a solid surface by treating it with a laser beam. By absorbing the energy of the laser beam the unwanted material will either turn into a gas and evaporate, or, the pressure of the interaction will cause the unwanted material to break free from the surface. As the surface below does not absorb any energy, it stays untouched and is restored to its original condition.

In addition to its cleaning capabilities, laser technology has added benefits: It requires minimal set-up, is safe, easily customisable, quiet, and efficient. There’s no mess to clean up, comes with low operating costs, is low maintenance, and environmentally friendly!


Environmentally Friendly

No hazardous materials or harsh toxic chemicals are used. This meets the standards set by the Environmental Protection Act.

No toxic mess to clean up as no secondary waste is produced in the cleaning process. Any mess left after the project is complete can be cleaned up with a standard vacuum, which means no waste will spill into our waterways.

No airborne particles. Our laser vaporises particles so there is literally nothing left to disperse into the air.

Improved Productivity

Faster delivery of service. Set-up is quick, clean-up is minimal, and there’s no need to shut down or slow down the site, saving you time and money.


We come to you and clean in-situ. Our laser cleaners can be used in confined spaces, and on elevated work platforms and scaffolds.



Our laser beam settings are precisely adjustable to optimise process speed & gentleness, with no damage to the original surface or work area.


We can operate anywhere: in both indoor and outdoor environments.